Social housing refurbishment in Raval, Barcelona

The complexity of the intervention foreseen for the group of buildings object of the project, requires an attentive analysis of the current state, focused mainly on: relationship with environment and orientation; morphology and constructive quality; conditions of habitability, accessibility and sanitation; configuration and occupation of the units.
The three buildings are located in the heart of the Raval, the main facade is oriented to the south, towards the narrow street Lancaster therefore only the upper floors take advantage of the best solar exposure. The other façade overlooks the courtyard that, although facing north, is very wide and is characterized by the extraordinary presence of Palau Guell. These factors have suggested, where it is possible to orient the day areas of the apartments, freeing the original terraces of the nonconforming volumes that have been “accumulating” over time. The intention is to recover the original facade, maintaining the reading of the main evolutionary phases of the buildings and returning the necessary decorum to be able to “look towards the illustrious neighbor”.
In the facade of the street Lancaster also proposes a volumetric reordering operation, eliminating the added elements in the attic floor, recovering the original terraces and alignments. The impossibility of being able to intervene on a good part of the basement has conditioned the location of the elevators and the accesses.


751 m²






Teresa Farras, Luciana Teodózio