Residence for the elderly in Gràcia area in Barcelona

At the heart of the district of Gràcia, between two parallel streets, lies an old house from the 1930s hidden in a large garden, and a pavilion with a blind facade on one of its streets. The complex is completed by the ground floor of a residential building accessed from the opposite street. The residence for the elderly project plans to recover the use that the building enjoyed until the 90s, redistributing the rooms and the different activities around a new vertical connection center. Filtered light passes through the garden’s new openings, generously filling the interior spaces and highlighting the textures of the materials used.


“The first thing we saw when we got to the garden was a beautiful magnolia.
We collected their leaves as if they were words. We put them on a surface to write a text.
We decided to capture them in the iron forming a phrase that crossed the vertical space of the whole house,

to the terrace where, from there, they would return to their original form.”







Beginning of the project / End of the works

August 2015 / December 2017


Oriol Batchellí, Andrea Gomez, Maite Moya, Ombra Studio, PLAAT, JFG Consultors, Ecoinstec Enginyers