Refurbishment of a single family home in Sarrià

The building in Anglí street, located in a luxury neighborhood of Barcelona, together with the adjacent building, was built in the early 20th century, meeting the standard of attached buildings of a ground floor plus two further floors. The original architectonic form has been preserved regarding the facade, adapting the building to the client’s requirements concerning the rearrangement of the interior spaces. The ground floor is an open space and provides access to the garden and interior courtyard which contains a pool. An elevator has been added to the stairwell, which has been covered with a drilled and backlighted metal sheet.





End of the works

May 2018


Oriol Batchellí, Andrea Gomez, Teresa Farràs, Maite Moya, Ombra Studio, PLAAT, JFG Consultors, Ecoinstec Enginyers