Reforma Duplex Torrent de l’olla – 4º1º Barri de Gràcia

This project concerns the upper two floors of a corner building located on the intersection between the two main streets of Gracia neighbourhood.  The buiding, built in 1905 has a main role on the urban surroundings for its presence and the facades composition: lenghtened balconies holded by a corbel along the facade. A rearrangement of the original apartments (5 apartments) has been made, creating instead two duplex apartments. The day zones are located on the upper level of the apartments, taking advantage of the large terraces which have a great view over the city. The lower level is used to locate the night zones, which include spacious suites.







eginning of the project/ End of works:

September 2016 / December 2017


Lidia Martin, Ombra Studio, PLAAT, JFG Consultors, Quadrifoli Projectes