Project of the new headquarters of parks and gardens in Badalona

The scope of action of this project is the southern area of ​​the G-4 park, at the height of Campoamor street. It is a nursery for the new headquarters of parks and gardens of Badalona. The main access will be from the road of the G-4 park and the entrance of services would be for an access of the road San Jerónimo de la Murtra. In the field of action we currently find an empty lot with vegetation. It is an undeveloped plot of land with little significant topography.


The proposal aims to establish the new headquarters of Parks and Gardens of Badalona, ​​and that the project is an operational nursery where workshops and courses related to plants and parks and gardens work can be provided in schools and other institutions. The project also proposes service spaces for the workers of the brigade with dining areas, changing rooms and services. Regarding the general structure, the building is defined by the grouping of transverse porticos with a gable roof. The building of the umbracle and the greenhouse are defined by a succession of a single porch.


The intervention strategy has been to organize this new headquarters in 3 independent buildings and try to solve each of them with a common geometry and a single enclosure material. The exterior spaces will be organized through the types of pavement. On the one hand the circulation areas that will be of concrete poured in situ, and on the other, the spaces destined for planting and placement of schools, where the pavement will be sand and will organize different areas.


1.254,80 m²


City Coucil of Badalona / AMB


1.175.438,12 €




Ecoinstec / JFG / PLAAT