New FC Andorra’s stadium competition

The aim of the proposal is to create a building that not only provides a single response to the immediate needs of the promotion, but also formulates a series of possible alternatives throughout the time span of its useful life. For this reason, a system that we will call the “matrix system” has been devised, so that it allows investment to be measured on the basis of different configurations with the ability to create scenarios that are adaptable to the possible uses of the building over time. All configurations are designed so that they can be easily expanded or reduced within the same architectural enclosure.
Flexibility and adaptability are the fundamental bases of the proposal. The building, apart from its specific use as a stadium, is designed to have different uses that allow it to create daily profitability.

The environmental qualities of the surroundings are extraordinary, the prominence of the circumcising mountain crown, the presence of the river, the orography of the valley, and the climate, have been the fundamental elements of the solutions adopted in the architectural proposal, already from the outline of the first initial lines.

An object sensitive to the environment has been designed, capable of transforming the physical limitations of the area of operation, into opportunities to develop ideas that provide solutions to all the problems and requirements of the functional program. We have studied and lived the place. Attention has been paid to the suggestions that it provides us, the “Genius Loci”, the spirit of the place. Our impressions have been collected, giving it shape through architecture.


4.000 m²


FC Andorra




Sener Inngeniería, JFG Consultors, Adserà Group, Plaat Arquitectura tècnica, Societat Organica, Lanik