New auditorium, headquarters office and acces to n.7 building of the WTC – Almeda Park Cornellà

This modern building was constructed in 2008 to meet a new requirement of the property, providing it with a new image and expanding its functional program by introducing a new auditorium with a capacity of 140 people. To improve the quality and visibility of access to building 7 from the central square of the WTC, the decision was made to eliminate existing visual barriers, such as glass panels, and use plant elements, such as tree trunks, to create a “giant promenade” that appears from the exterior of the building and characterizes the entire path to the access opposite, passing through the inner courtyard area. The use of different natural materials as paving provide dynamic surfaces, clearly guiding directions and pedestrian paths to the interior. The ‘geometrical animal’, which the auditorium contains, guides the access path to the entrance door by marking a new longitudinal axis, which provides access to the interior of the building where the vertical connection cores are located. In the inner courtyard, the paving and the urban furniture elements break with the dynamic lines, creating a new space. The presence of trees, aromatic plants and moving water provide the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing moment.








September 2017


Ombra Studio, PLAAT