Housing complex in Sant Boi del Llobregat

From the compact volume generated by the shape of the plot and the functional program, a “disassembly” of the architectural body has been carried out, sensitizing it to the surroundings in order to improve the orientation of the dwellings. Most of them are located on both sides with the best “incident energy density”, determining the highest height of the building with respect to the sides with less sunlight.

The basement car park occupies part of the adjacent plot available and is accessible through the ramp located on the equine north of the plot.

The houses are distributed around a central open space where vertical connection cores and distribution gangways open. The separations between blocks at full height guarantee the circulation of the air and the entrance of light in the patio.

The centralization of the wet zones and the corresponding management of the facilities allows them to be registered from the community space.

On the ground floor, around the central landscaped space, are: the equipment room; a community space; the transforming station; a place for bicycles and two adapted homes.


3496 m²






Teresa Farras, Marta Guilera, Andrea Gomez